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Aluminum Foil Vacuum Packaging For Export

Our Aluminium Foil Vacuum Packaging technology is specifically designed to remove air from the aluminium barrier foil and seal your export items/goods for seaworthy international export. This method involves creating an airtight barrier with the help of aluminum foil, placing desiccants in it, and removing the excess air with a vacuum absorber machine.

The main purpose of aluminum foil vacuum packing is to protect the items from getting damaged by protecting them from rust, corrosion, microorganisms, and moisture.

It is mainly used for seaworthy export shipments which take months to reach the destination through the sea, where the humidity is maximum. High humidity in the atmosphere causes the rusting of the products. Air Tight Packing prevents the products from oxidation by establishing a layer of thin film between the atmosphere and the product.

More about Aluminium Foil Vacuum Packaging

What are the benefits of aluminium foil vacuum packing

When heavy machinery or goods are exported from one country to another by sea or other transportation As per export packing standards vacuum packing is part of this packing below are some benefits of aluminium foil vacuum packing.

    • Protection from moisture: Aluminum foil has a low water vapor transmission rate, so it doesn’t allow moisture to enter the packaging.
    • Protection from corrosion: Aluminum foil can maintain humidity levels below 40 RH, which prevents corrosion.
    • Protection from microorganisms: The vacuum reduces the internal oxygen, so there’s no environment for microorganisms to grow.
    • Protection from surface damage: Vacuum packing protects products from rust, scratches, moisture, and dust.
    • Stability: Aluminum foil packaging pouches are stable and generally won’t be affected by the external environment.
    • Barrier against bacteria: Aluminum is a great barrier for harmful bacteria.
    • Other benefits: Aluminum foil packaging is also shockproof, soundproof, heat-preserving, and recyclable.

Why choose Cargo Packing for your export goods aluminium foil vacuum packing?

Choosing Cargo Packing, specifically aluminum foil vacuum packing, for your export goods can offer several benefits depending on the type of your products and shipping requirements. Here are some reasons why you chose us:

  1. Protection from Moisture and Oxygen: Aluminum foil vacuum packing provides an effective barrier against moisture and oxygen. This is especially crucial for products that are sensitive to these elements, such as food items, pharmaceuticals, and certain industrial components. Vacuum sealing helps prevent oxidation, spoilage, and degradation.
  2. Reduced Risk of Contamination: Vacuum sealing creates a tight, protective seal around your goods, reducing the risk of contamination from external factors like dust, bacteria, and pests during transport.
  3. Customizable Packaging: Cargo packing methods can be tailored to fit the specific dimensions and requirements of your export goods. This customization ensures that your products are packed securely and efficiently.
  4. Improved Product Presentation: The use of aluminum foil vacuum packing can enhance the overall presentation of your goods, making them look more appealing to customers and potentially increasing their market value.
  5. Compliance with Regulations: Certain industries and regions may have regulations or standards regarding packaging materials and methods. Aluminum foil vacuum packing may meet these requirements and ensure compliance with international shipping standards.
  6. Protection from External Factors: During transit, export goods are exposed to various external factors like temperature fluctuations, pressure changes, and rough handling. Vacuum packing can provide an additional layer of protection against these factors.

It’s important to note that the choice of packaging method should align with the specific needs of your export goods, their destination, and any regulatory requirements. Consult with us to determine the most suitable packaging solution for your products and ensure they reach their destination in optimal condition.

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